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the full gamut of IntegratED SYSTEMS FOR Architecture

Few in our industry are as capable and as willing as we are to go to incredible lengths to design, develop and deploy integrated systems into architectural projects. We're unafraid to wade into new territory with you, or deliver on a well-tested solution of the utmost quality. Our team involves talented design and communication, custom coding and IT skill, and the install experience needed to perfect our work alongside the other trades on your job site. 



Hear about Systems Integration from someone who knows it intimately.


Just wanted to say, I’m on a video call with a bunch of people in the boardroom – WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! The call quality has increased dramatically, and feedback from the host was that it was extremely easy to use 😊
Thanks so much for your work on this! So happy!
— Saje Natural Wellness
...we used the town hall for our first all staff meeting just before the long weekend and it was very well received.
— Dialog Design
Everyone…knows you’re the most dependable company on that site. If anyone asks, I will sing your praises!
— 3V Geomatics
I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the great service that your team delivered on our outage issue. Your level of service and the ease with which you landed on a solution makes the choice to upgrade to this system look like a definite win.
— CLAC Member Centre
Too many times people take the time to complain about the people who aren’t doing their job, while those who outperform sometimes can be forgotten. So … I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team.
— OMB Architects + Designers
I’m sorry, but this system totally rocks. Sit down, turn on and start talking. Wicked.
— British Columbia Real Estate Association
You guys are AMAZING! Thank you so much for this, and for your flexibility during this crazy install.
— Aritzia LP
If we had to do this all over again, we wouldn’t go with anyone other than Xprt. Thanks also for your flexibility in accommodating the many hiccups...
I was really pleased with the effort the team put in to make things perfect. We’ve had some presentations and a movie night already and the theatre is a big hit.
— Dialog Design
I have to say how impressed I was with the quality of work, the finish of the product and the professionalism and commitment to service that Lee showed. All the best...
The GC... mentioned that his electrician found Xprt’s shop drawings very easy to follow and extremely clear, and went on to say they’re ‘the best shop drawings he has ever seen’!



Never again shall technology be extolled as a virtue in and of itself, nor prized for its capability alone. We must design seamless experiences and reduce the systems around us. From this point forward, technology is only a medium.

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This was a project that drew together interests from various corners to produce something of lasting value for the educational community.