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Today's gatherings are frequented by technology. Whether for guests to the office or regular staff, a space with systems that set themselves up and shut down in a heartbeat is a space that gets used. We create AV facilities that require zero user training.

Video Conferencing

Unfamiliar, awkward, and unstable? Not any longer with today's raft of good options for video conferencing and remote collaboration. When coupled with automated systems that ease the use of a video conferencing platform, staff buy-in has never been so easy.

Video Installation

In the age of information, our means of displaying that information are growing rapidly. Be it a Video wall, or digital signage system, or a custom video deployment, we’re well versed in video.

Security & Access Control

Much of the Low Voltage industry is devoted to security systems, and with good reason – everyone needs to secure their castle. Xprt  has our eye on the future, with a preference for combine alarm and access control, where both needs are handled by the same convenient and modern system, with limitless configuration options.

Integrated Audio-video

Elemental to low voltage integration, AV systems are found throughout architecture, and are an excessively common service for us. We'll handle basically anything that's not a stadium or concert hall.

Support Plans

We offer organized support in three Levels each with varying cost and options to suit varying needs. All of our support plans surround a Remote Management Agent that allows us to monitor a system in case of failure, and remotely address issues without needing to bother you at all.


Probably the most overlooked aspect of integrated systems is the need for them to be integrated into a wider project. the only way to get the job done right is by planning it carefully early enough to actually exploit our ideas and experience.

Custom User Interface

The very reason we got into Systems Integration was because users were pulling out hair with their experience. Systems don't do much without human interaction, so facilitating that interaction is pivotal. Under a decade ago, this was the industry's greatest blemish, but we've entirely solved this area with tireless design.


Lighting, HVAC, hot tub – you name it. Controls are generally customized to an application, and we rely on our modular app-based user interface called Kutano™ to efficiently craft a control experience that will delight the user in its ease of use, because control is key to any system.


We don't hide that we used to be an IT company. Frankly we took that ball and rolled with it into the meatier territory of integrated systems, but it all still runs on computer networks. Wired and wireless infrastructure are just our warmup (we're highly skilled).

Cabled Infrastructure

Wire in wall is elemental to our work, and we do it right. Immediately following from our design services, we utilize initial planning to rough in specifically specified cabling to the locations that will eventually be decked with electronics.



~ Xprt is proud to operate a fleet of fully electric Kia Souls. We’re committed to being leaders in the stewardship of our planet’s well-being. ~

WE’RE READY TO ROLL IN FULLY ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY STYLE.  We run a fleet of Kia Soul electric cars and care deeply about being stewards for our prized BC environment.

WE’RE READY TO ROLL IN FULLY ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY STYLE. We run a fleet of Kia Soul electric cars and care deeply about being stewards for our prized BC environment.